Thursday, September 11, 2014

10 things Americans buy fewer

Tastes of nations change. Americans today have also changed some of its traditional preferences. That is drastically reduced sales of those several products, however, does not mean that they have stopped. America still loves soft drinks and breakfast cereals, but not as much as before. See 10 things Americans buy more small and less: Cereals sales fell by about 7% for all and 10% for popular brand Kellogg's. The Wall Street Journal explains this with the fact that more Americans do not have time to warm milk and breakfast home. They prefer to buy a quick snack out. Manufacturers are trying to compensate for this by advertising their products as healthy and add protein, vitamins, etc. This milk is associated with the decline in sales of breakfast cereals. Increasingly popular are organic milks and soy or almond. Soft Drinks largest decline in diet drinks. America still consumes a large amount of them, but as before. The reason is that more and more people are concerned about their health and prefer healthier drinks. First Lady Michelle Obama leads campaign that encourages children to drink water when you are thirsty, not soft. Chewing Gum For the last four years sales of chewing gum have decreased by 11%, mainly because of strong competition with mints. Weapons There are periods of strong growth in sales, usually after the event of a mass shooting when people are worried about their security, or after selecting a politician, which is known to be an opponent of the weapons because of concerns that control may be affected . Overall, however, the long term trend is for a decline. Those who want to have a gun, I have bought one (or seven such). This is not a commodity in which you buy a new model every year. For the first quarter of 2014 in the chain Sportsman's Warehouse arms sales have dropped by 18%, while in Cabela's decline was 22%

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