Thursday, September 11, 2014

United States introduced new sanctions against Russia, the details will be presented on Friday, said President Barack Obama.

United States introduced new sanctions against Russia, the details will be presented on Friday, said President Barack Obama. 

"We join the European Union, announcing that intensifying our coordinated sanctions against Russia in response to its illegal activities in Ukraine," - said in a statement the President of the United States. 

"We have to deepen and expand the sanctions against the financial, energy and defense sector in Russia. These measures will increase the political isolation of Russia and the economic price for Russia, especially in areas that are important for the President (Vladimir) Putin and those close to him. My administration will circulate details of these new sanctions tomorrow, "- said Obama. 

The President of the United States has accused Russia of sending "heavily armed forces" to Ukraine. "We are introducing new measures in the light of Russia's actions in the past month to further destabilization of Ukraine, including through the presence of heavily armed Russian forces in eastern Ukraine. We are closely following the developments since the announcement of the ceasefire agreements and in Minsk, but we have did not see clear evidence that Russia stopped its efforts to destabilize the Ukraine, "- said Obama. 

Russia, in turn, denies the allegations in the United States that it intervenes in the conflict in the Ukraine. 

At the same time, Obama said sanctions could be lifted if Russia will adhere to Minsk ceasefire. "The international community continues to seek a genuine made ​​in the negotiations to resolve the crisis in Ukraine. I urge the President (Russian Vladimir) Putin to work together with Ukraine and its international partners in the context of the Minsk Agreement, in order to achieve long-term resolution of the conflict and without having to set impossible conditions" - Obama said. 

"If Russia has fully complied with its obligations, these sanctions may be withdrawn. Conversely, if Russia continues its aggressive actions and violations of international law, the price for it will continue to grow," - concluded Obama. 

At the meeting of the contact group to resolve the crisis in Ukraine, held in Minsk on September 5, Kiev authorities and militias Donbass agreed on a cease-fire, which took effect from 19.00 MSK on the same day. In the following days, both sides alleged violations of the ceasefire. 

As the United States and the European Union imposed sanctions against Russian politicians and businessmen 

USA and the EU do not recognize the annexation of Crimea to Russia and accused Moscow of meddling in the affairs of Ukraine. Russia denies it and calls the accusations unacceptable. Western countries since March has repeatedly imposed sanctions against a number of Russian politicians, businessmen and companies and threatened to extend the restrictive measures. Most recently, the use of such practices have become the July sanctions. 

The European Union on July 30 issued a sanctions list on Ukraine, which included eight men and three legal entities. Among them, the first deputy head of the Presidential Administration of Russia Alexei Gromov, four Russian businessman, the Interior Minister of the Crimea, as well as two representatives of the breakaway eastern Ukraine "People's Republic". 

EU authorities banned investors from the EU sale, supply or transfer of key equipment and technology for the creation, acquisition or development of infrastructure projects in a number of industries in the Crimea and Sevastopol. It is also forbidden to use for this purpose ships or aircraft under the jurisdiction of the EU. Restrictions concern transport, telecommunications and energy industries, oil exploration, gas and other minerals. 

Ministry of Finance of the United States on July 29 announced sanctions against the Bank of Moscow, VTB and Russian Agricultural Bank, and the United Shipbuilding Corporation of Russia. 

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