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The two Internet giants Google and Amazon are competing for dominance. With the purchase of the streaming service Twitch Amazon Google has trumped. In other markets rubbing their rivals. 

  PT competitors Google and Amazon 

For so many it was a surprise, the recent purchase from Amazon. For $ 970 million the Internet giant bought the video service for gamers Twitch. This Amazon trumped the Internet giant Google, which should have been also interested, according to media reports at Twitch. 

The streaming service Twitch was not founded until 2011. But he does not transfer movies, series or music, but live computer games. About Twitch publish more than a million users live recordings of video games, the gameplay can be commented on by viewers. The users include players such as publishers, game developers, and others. According to the ad-supported platform Twitch there is a month more than 55 million people who watch on your PC, your smartphone or tablet, compete like other players worldwide in computer games against each other. 

Competition in the advertising market Google's homepage 1998–1999

  Boy in computer game 

It used to be played at home, now others can about Twitch world participate in computer games. 

Google could benefit from the users of Twitch. Approximately two hours per day they spent an average online last year. So they would have been welcome addressees for ads placed on Google's marketing platform 'AdWords' matching specific keywords. 

The purchase of Amazon could thus be a sign that the online retailer is more in future compete with Google for advertising revenue. Mainly because Amazon was only recently pushed forward with its new product "Amazon Sponsored Links" in the advertising market. 

The advertisements on Twitch are therefore probably no longer run on Google in the future, but over the advertising portal from Amazon, says the Wall Street Journal. So Amazon could make enormous profits. 

And Amazon sees Twitch obviously a good complement to his own devices, which enable all mobile games like the Fire smartphone, tablets and set-top boxes. Already have Twitch users on Fire a convenient platform to see video games and publish them. Eventually, Amazon could also integrate the streaming technology of Twitch in their own devices. 

Battle in the Clouds 

The gaming market is a battlefield on which Amazon rubs with its rival Google. Another theater of war is in the clouds, on cloud services. In this section, Amazon has not yet ahead. "The cloud is a huge growth market and Amazon here is the 800 pound gorilla," said Jagdish Rebello, a technology analyst at think tank IHS Global Insight. "In providing pure cloud services Amazon has more expertise." And Amazon is not content to stand still. 

Amazon Zocalo is the new data sharing service that was introduced as a direct competitor to the more detailed Google Docs. This new service is being offered as part of Amazon Web Services (AWS). The offer runs on various devices and allows users documents, spreadsheets, presentations, web pages, PDF documents or just texts to share. 

Amazon also has a big lead in offering services that are tailored to the individual customer. So everyone his favorite music or movies from Amazon Download or watch Prime. 

  Google data center in Pryor, Photo: AP 

Google can on huge server farms rely 

But Google also operates in the cloud and has thereby have the advantage of much greater storage capacities on its global server network. Thus, Google's customers mail service Gmail, the social media site Google+ and other free services provided. 

Advertising is the key 

Experts believe that Google will continue to penetrate the cloud market by providing data and services free of charge. Financed the whole thing about advertising. "Advertising is everything," says Charles Bartlett, a science and technology blogger from California. "About displaying the Internet is monetized." 

Google understand better than others that online advertising is more targeted and effective than traditional advertising, says Bartlett. An example: "If you watch a youtube video, the ads are displayed to fit on recent Google searches," said Bartlett. 

In this sense, Amazon has only started to show Amazon ads on its shopping platform. Rebello of IHS Global Insight's believes this strategy is its "closed systems", the shopping and cloud services, Amazon would try to repeat the principle that has worked so well for Apple. "If a company controls all elements of its offer, which leads to a better customer experience," said Rebello. 

Consumer and Education 

Another growth area in which the two competing Internet giants, consumer products are. Amazon has its Kindle e-reader and a tablet on offer. Google holds with the Nexus smartphones and Chromebook laptops, however. 

  Students in classrooms with screens that Google is called. Photo: Sebastian Kahnert 

Google wants in the classroom 

In education, Google would try Amazon forestall, my observer of the scene. "Chromebooks from Google are often used in schools," says Bartlett. "They are cheap and the software is free of charge." 

The "Google Blackboard" would be used by more and more teachers, says Bartlett. With it, teachers can organize their everyday life, can write, for example, tests or announce scores. Google signaled the teachers: ".! The service is free So here is the virtual classroom," says Bartlett. And that could be an excellent way to establish your brand among teachers, principals, parents and students. 

Drone Wars? 

Not only in the virtual clouds, but also in the real sky, the next battleground of the two giants appears to be. Both Amazon and Google are currently testing drones with which products are to be brought to the buyers. With Google's "Project Wing" and Amazon's "Prime Air" have been simulated as the supply could moderate packages work. 

  Amazon delivery drone, Photo: Amazon 

Amazon is already testing the delivery drones 

Starting next year, the American Federal Aviation Administration will allow such commercial drone flights. Nevertheless, experts believe that it will take years to be drones used on a large scale - if at all. For trees, power poles, low-flying aircraft and other objects continue to cause major problems. 

But there would be areas of application. So believe Blogger Charles Bartlett, Google and Amazon could continue to compete in the supply of drones to orders from the government and NGOs. In addition, one day drones could be very useful to provide aid to disaster areas, which are otherwise difficult to reach. The military could continue to supply drones over its soldiers on the front with supplies. The search for the technology companies after the next growth markets know no borders, says Jagdish Rebello.

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